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A modern myth in three parts

Bringing the legend of Arianrhod from the depths of the Mabinogi to the modern day.

In an innovative feat of storytelling, the OLION trilogy unfolds through a live theatre show, a day-long event across the streets of Bangor, and a short film.

Join us this September as we journey from the depths of the sea to the heights of freedom.

Part I: Arianrhod

A live theatre show that reimagines the drowning of Caer Arianrhod.

The fortress is alive with hedonism, sex and spirituality as Arianrhod and her tribe of runaways prepare for a solar eclipse that promises to leave the pain of war behind and give way to a new age of light. But in that fateful moment of complete darkness when the moon covers the sun, they endure unspeakable violence and betrayal.

As Arianrhod continues to resist the demands of her ruling family, she triggers a devastating supernatural storm that sinks her fortress to the depths of the ocean.

Thousands of years later and her descendants are still hiding in fear on the ocean’s bed. Will they ever be tempted to leave and experience the forbidden land above for themselves?

Fusing live theatre, dance and music, this is a fierce story of one fateful night that reverberates through generations.

Part II: Festival of the Underworld

Live music, food and dancing as we transform one of Bangor’s public parks into a free open-air community festival.

As the good times flow, Arianrhod’s descendants emerge from the water. Will they be welcomed with open arms or will their fears of what humanity is capable of become a reality?

Scenes will unfold throughout the day across Bangor as dramatic confrontations and a thrilling rescue transforms the festival into a celebration of difference, the acceptance of grief and the triumph of joy.

Part III: The Mother

The epilogue.

A short film using real footage from part I and II offers an intimate insight into the life of an ordinary family from Bangor.

But what happens when a psychedelic trip transforms the suburb of Hirael into the fantasy world of Caer Arianrhod?


Tickets will be on-sale in June 2024.

In association with Pontio, Bangor with the support Storiel.

Frân Wen receives core funding from Arts Council of Wales to support its programme.

Olion, which is a 15 month programme of activities is also supported by Cyngor Gwynedd. The project has received £252,911 from the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.


Exciting opportunity to be part of Olion.


Creative Team

Co-Writers Olion: Angharad Elen & Sera Moore Williams

Lead Dramaturge: Angharad Elen

Creative Director: Gethin Evans

Co-Director Part 1: Anthony Matsena

Visual Dramaturg and Director of Part 2: Marc Rees

Designer: Elin Steele

Composer: Alex Comana

Lighting Designer: Ryan Stafford

Community Director: Elis Parry

Community Associate: Rebecca Wilson

Access Consultant: Kaite O’Reilly

Producers: Deryncoch Cyf / Ceriann Williams

In collaboration with Lewis Williams, Eva Smith, Isaac Parsons, Keira Bailey-Hughes, Eleanor Parsons, Cefyn Williams, Mabon Williams, Sky Kiera-Louise Davies, Reece Moss Owen, Anya Davin-Easey Sherlock, Tamzin Amy Jones, Catrin Hughes, Lee Southgate, Christie Hallam-Rudd, Vex Vaughan, Shay & Con

In partnership with Gisda & Pontio with support from Storiel.