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We bring young people, artists and communities together so we always have opportunities here at Frân Wen.

Got an idea?

If you have an interest in theatre you are welcome to call in for a chat or please send a CV to Nia Jones, Operations Manager (

Our door is always open and we are more than ready to consider new ideas!

Taking part

If you’re between 14 and 25 yrs old, with an interest in all aspects of theatre or the arts and would like to have a go, then give Elis Pari a shout via or through Facebook.

Work experience

Developing, training and offering work experience to young people is a key part of our vision. We can offer work experience in a range of specific areas from performance to marketingto production! Go for it and contact for more information.


Our volunteers are key members of our team here at Frân Wen they all share the same enthusiasm and passion for theatre for children and young people. Contact for more information about joining the team!