Imrie Sgript

Playtext: Imrie

P&P: £1.70

Imrie, the second in the Sgriptiau Stampus series, published jointly with Cyhoeddiadau'r Stamp, gives a platform to Welsh language contemporary plays.

Josie discovers a magical underwater party that's better than any human party ever. It's a world where she finds her true self - and Imrie Sallow.

Above the water she feels lost in a world where she doesn't belong, with a sister who wants her to be 'happy and normal'. But a family secret emerges from the shadows of the ethereal world that changes everything.

The script includes photographs of the original production by Mark Douet and a new foreword by the playwright.

Sgriptiau Stampus 02: Imrie
Nia Morais / Cyhoeddiadau’r Stamp & Frân Wen 2023
ISBN 978-1-8381989-8-5 / 64t. / £8.00