Corn Gwlad

Corn Gwlad

Fiercely funny and fabulous Welsh language queer musical

It’s the 1924 Eisteddfod in Pontypool. Poet Prosser Rhys has just won the Crown for his poem which details his sexual relationship… with another man!

Scandal on the Maes!

Even while crowning him, the Archdruid of the Orsedd makes a point of slagging off his dirty, “un-Welsh” lifestyle. The poem is never reprinted.

Corn Gwlad, which is a co-production with Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru, re-enacts that fateful ceremony from 100 years ago... but with much more teleporting, spooky ghosts, glitter, really cute bed sheets, chunky jewellery and ferrets.

Join us at this year’s Eisteddfod for a raucous, all-singing, some-dancing journey as we try to discover what the heck this Orsedd thing is all about?

Please be seated. At the sound of the horn, prepare to be fabulous!



Tuesday 6 August 7.30pm
Wednesday 7 August 7.30pm
Thursday 8 August 7.30pm
Friday 9 August 7.30pm

Entry on a first come basis, and free to those with Eisteddfod tickets.

Writer and composer: Seiriol Davies

Director: Gethin Evans

Musical Director: Geraint Owen

Choreographer: Osian Meilir