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New partnership to elevate young people's voices

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between Gisda and Frân Wen to support young people through the arts.

GISDA is a charity that provides intensive support and offers opportunities for vulnerable young people aged 14-25 in North Wales.

Our first project is NABOD, a long-term programme to bring underrepresented young people, experienced artists and therapeutic workers together to elevate and share the voices of the young people of contemporary Wales.

Both organisations put the wellbeing and voices of young people at the heart of their work

We share the same values ​​and principles so this strategic collaboration is an invaluable opportunity to share expertise and good practice to enrich our work for the benefit of the young people of the area.
Nia Jones, Executive Director of Frân Wen

The program of activity will be co-created with young people and will include a variety of multi-arts sessions and professional training to equip young people to develop and create original creative work of their own.

The partnership is funded by Children in Need and the Arts Council of Wales through the Lottery Fund.

We are really looking forward to collaborating on this very exciting project with Frân Wen.

We have been impressed with their work with young people for years and believe it to be a perfect partnership that will benefit GISDA, Frân Wen and more importantly our young people.
Sian Elen Tomos, GISDA Chief Executive

One of the first steps of the partnership is to recruit a Creative Young People’s Support Officer and a Lead Artist to coordinate the project. More freelance opportunities will be announced soon.

Further details of the posts can be found on www.gisda.org/en/opportunities/jobs