New programme to celebrate perspectives of young people

Here’s introducing our new programme for 2022.

As we continue to live through the pandemic, we’ll be going into our communities, working with partners and touring across the country to celebrate the perspectives of our young people.

We’re touring Welsh theatres of Wales with a brand new production in March and April. A combination of theatre, rap and pop, Ynys Alys explores who we are in times of great change. The work has been developed with musician Casi Wyn, rapper Lemfreck, sound producer Alex Miedo and playwright Gareth Evans-Jones.

Our new strategic and creative partnerships with Gwynedd Youth and GISDA are extremely exciting. The Nabod (to know) and Dim Byd Fatha Chdi (there’s nothing like you) projects will give young people a chance to elevate their voices by co-creating and pushing change in our society.

There will be a lot of noise across North Wales over the coming months so be prepared to listen!


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