Nyth Organ

New lease of life for organ

An update on our search for new lease of life for the old organ in Nyth.

Following a rigorous development stage, unfortunately it became clear that it became unfeasible for the organ to remain for our creative hub dedicated to young people in Bangor.

Once we recognised this, we reached out to the original organ builders to help us find it a new home.

The pipe organ was built in 1899 by Nicholson & Co.

Thanks to their help we made an appeal, and we were put in contact with St John’s Church in Barmouth. We did not receive another viable expression of interest.

They have a near identical instrument, built by the same manufacturers in the same period, but it is in great need of repair and restoration in the near future so they will be able to give it a new lease of life thanks our organ.

We recognise that keeping and restoring the organ in situ would have been the preferred option but, following a rigorous development process, this proved unviable. We’re thrilled that it can repurposed and it means we are bringing another instrument back to life rather than having two historic instruments out of use in the county.

We’ll be keeping the facade of the original organ because we’re very eager to celebrate the original features of the building. It will be restored as part of an innovative sound art installation which will accessible way of navigation around Nyth.