Lliwia Baner


Imagine a world without colour…

A magical and unforgettable show for children under 7 and their families.

An unique opportunity to enjoy a Welsh language translation of the award-winning production, White (Theatre Awards UK award for Best Show for Children and Young People).

The friends in Lliwia lead a simple and organised life. They live in a white tent and care for the birdhouses that surround them.

Every day, the friends work diligently to ensure that their beautiful and organised world remains gleaming and white. But… what’s this…? Colour?

Red… then yellow… then blue. The friends have never seen colour - how will they cope with the change to their world?

Lliwia is a co-production by Frân Wen and Pontio.

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White hides all the colors within it, which is nature’s little joke. This show lets us in on it.
Laurel Graeber: New York Times

White was originally created by Andy Manley and produced by Catherine Wheels.


Lliwia is a Welsh language show but it is particularly suitable and accessible for young audiences and learners because the script is very light on words. A useful vocabulary pack will be provided pre-show.

The characters in the show also use Makaton. It is a simple communication method for young children and those with learning difficulties that uses a combination of voice, hand gestures and symbols.


Saturday, 10 December - 10.30am, 12.30pm + 2.30pm.


A show for the whole family, but especially for children between 1 and 7 yrs old.


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Theatre for young children at its best, this is a magical show that has touched audiences all over the world.