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A story told in real-time over seven days online, on TV, live from Wales.

26 SEPT – 2 OCT 2022

It's 26 September 2022 and an electrical storm breaks dramatically over Wales. The unthinkable happens - time cracks, the future makes contact.

Efa, a 16-year-old girl from Merthyr Tydfil, claims that more than just messages have made it through from 2052 – she has swapped with her 46-year-old self from 2052. As we follow her live journey across Wales over seven days, she and her teenage friends battle with the dilemma of what to do when faced with your own future. What does 2052 have to tell us and will we listen?

Watch GALWAD online and on TV (S4C and Sky Arts) from 26 September – 2 October 2022.

A real-time story from the future.



The team of GALWAD were brought together from across multiple sectors to form a bespoke project team. Collective Cymru is a pan-Wales, cross-sector partnership led by National Theatre Wales including:

Centre of Alternative Technology, Clwstwr, Disability Arts Cymru, Ffilm Cymru, Frân Wen and Sugar Creative.

Our world-building community partners are:

CellB, Citizens Cymru, Disability Arts Cymru, Ethnic Minorities Youth Support Team (EYST) and Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Trust.

Matthew Aubrey, Andria Doherty, Nitin Ganatra, Boo Golding, Nadeem Islam, Rhoda Montemeyor, Jenna Preece, Alexandria Riley.

Aisha-Mai Hunte, Ciaran O'Breen, Gabin Kongolo, Meg Lewis, Ifan Coyle, Londiwe Mthembu, Andria Doherty, Rhodri Meilir, Mirain Fflur.

Alex Stallard, Anna Amalia Coviello, Barney Andrews, Beth Handley, Buddug Roberts, Deane Bean, Gwyn Daggett, Hedydd Ioan, Laurie Thomas, Paul Kaiba, Rha Arayal, Shakira Morka.

Megan Angharad Hunter, Emily Burnett, Katie Elin-Salt, Mathew Evans, Ciaran Fitzgerald, Greg Glover, Hanna Jarman, Jamie Jones, Steven Kavuma, Edward Lee, Catherine Linstrum, Fiona Maher, Darragh Mortell, Eric Ngalle Charles, Owen Sheers, Marvin Thompson.

Claire Doherty, Creative and Project Director
Jacob Gough, Executive Director
Gethin Evans, Live Artistic Director, Frân Wen
Kaite O'Reilly, Playwright and Writer, Writing Mentor
Marc Rees, Lead Artist
Anthony Matsena, Lead Choreographer
Lorne Campbell, Writing Mentor and Artistic Director, NTW
Owen Sheer, Live and Writing Mentor

Llun Galwad
Young Company residency at CAT Photo by Mohamed Hassan 12
Making of Still from TV drama
Building Worlds header image 3
GALWAD film crew shooting GALWAD 2052 Photo Kirsten Mc Ternan