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15ish Baner Website 72dpi


Live theatre from our Young Company

It’s been a rubbish day.

Adults hassling you about your future. Teachers and school kids getting on your nerves. The only thing you want to do is sink into Nain’s sofa and watch TV.

And that’s Myfi.

Suddenly she’s sucked into a game on Nain's old-school TV. But, as in the real world, the rules of this game are vague, unclear and likely to change at the discretion of those in control!

Led through a maze of colour-filled games, feeling blue, green with envy, red with rage, Myfi learns that all that glitters is not gold.

Created and performed by our Young Company, 15ish celebrates the beauty of life as we search for answers and happiness.

📍 Nyth Bangor
🗓 Sunday, 30 April2023
⏰ tbc

Created by: Frân Wen Young Company with writer Buddug Roberts

Director: Nia Hâf

Designer: Efa Dyfan

Composer: Malan Fôn

Graphic Design: Aliss Curtis

Photography: Kristina Banholzer

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