Screen debuts for new writing

Seven short films from new playwrights will be premiered this June as part of a partnership between Frân Wen, Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru and Literature Wales.

This will be the first time that work has been put in front of audiences from the Frân Wen New Writing programme that supports new playwrights in the Welsh language.

The films will be broadcast every evening between the 9th and 11th of June on the AM video platform.


The seven short films are:

Rhywbeth Glas by Lowri Morgan
Two friends who’ve been friends forever, but things start to change when they realise that their feelings are much stronger than that.

This is a piece that explores the emotions of young gay girls trying to navigate adolescence and University. As they both try and find themselves, we witness the ups and downs of their relationship and dig deeper into what exactly is going on between them.

Tŷ Bach Twt by Mared Llywelyn
Staring through the beach hut window with the blue horizon glistening in front of your eyes, there is no better view. But who can live on scenic views?

In the middle of the second homes crisis, a local woman considers her community’s vulnerability, and her own future in that community.

Stori’r Cennin by Joseff Owen
One has given the other the right to have their say, but there is so much to say and so little time to say it. Where do you start? Especially if you’ve had ages to prepare and you’re not sure if anybody’s listening. B has heard it all before, A’s story is all over the place, and there are so many questions that need answers. The biggest question is:

How do you convince everyone that you’re a leek?

Blind Date by Ciaran Fitzgerald
Sioned is the online dating master – it’s the perfect forum for her deceptive profile. She knows what she’s looking for, and she has the skills to attract the perfect boy, but she is holding something back. The fact she’s blind.

When Sioned find the perfect match will she reveal her true self, or will she continue to hide behind her dishonest profile?

Yorci by Ifan Pritchard
*Lights on. Smile on. Warm up voice. Camera on. Red light.*

Live from his studio, Yorci introduces his world to his people.

This is a young, lonely man getting attention for the first time.

By broadcasting his life, Yorci feels comforted and reassured, but something has come to interfere with it… an audience.

Today Yorci gets to experience attention for the first time, and lucky for us, we’re allowed in… HOW EXCITING!

Follow Yorci, the Jack Of All One Man Bands, and his show full of comedy, music and a bizarre inclination for Johnny Cash.

*Say goodbye. Camera off. Darkness.*

Dŵr Dwfn by Nia Morais
Sisters Joesi and Laura have always had that strong sibling bond. Over the years they’ve been inseparable but recently Laura has started to drift away and then, out of nowhere, Laura appears with a mysterious new boyfriend called Imrie.

Where did Imrie come from? Why is his connection to the sea so strong? Can Josie do anything to stop her sister from drifting away?

Hollol Wych by Iwan DaviesAfter the pandemic came the soldiers. The rebellion was inevitable, of course, but it was futile as President Johnson’s forces soon invaded the country.

Six months of guerrilla fighting, before the signing of the Newport Treaty 2023 which cemented Wales’ place in the New Britain – demolishing S4/C, Radio Cymru and the press, and restricting the use of the Welsh language to universities and museums.

But from different locations every night, the rebellion continued through an underground broadcast called Diwedd y Dydd (End of the Day).

Under the circumstances, how do we decided to tell our story?

*The videos will be broadcast every night between 09.06.21 & 11.06.21 on www.amam.cymru*