Nabod NYC2 Baner

NYC learning exchange for young people

New York exchange to elevate the voices of underrepresented young Welsh people

A group of young people from North West Wales are heading to New York for an exciting creative learning collaboration.

In collaboration with GISDA, the young group will spend the week on the US East Coast working with an international network of young people along with Welsh artists including director Gethin Evans, choreographer Anthony Matsena and actor Aisha-May Hunte.

They have teamed up with The Ali Forney Center, who work with LGBTQ+ homeless young people, and world-famous non-profit theatre organization Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (TONYC).

The exchange will feed into a large scale live theatre production in Autumn 2024 and is part of a long-term programme to bring underrepresented young people and artists together to elevate and share the voices of the young people of contemporary Wales.

NYC exchange for young peple with Fran Wen


“We are thrilled to be partnering with Ali Forney and Theatre of the Oppressed NYC to deliver this residency, and to be collaborating with such exciting Welsh artists to develop this ambitious new show,” said Gethin Evans, Frân Wen Artistic Director.

“We are always seeking new ways to connect young people and creatives, and we can't wait to bring together young people from rural North Wales and those in the bustling city of NY to connect through the arts and develop a new narrative.”

Gethin Evans

Sian Tomos from GISDA said: "We know from experience that these exchanges can make a huge difference to vulnerable young people - it gives them opportunities they might not have had otherwise and broadens their horizons!”

During the week we’ll host a series of workshops with young people from all over the US.

Anthony Matsena and Alisha-May Hunter


Speaking of the collab, Liz Morgan, TONYC Director of Training & Pedagogy said: “International collaborations have always been fruitful for us. The opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas about artistry and activism with folks from around the world is so thrilling and we can’t wait to get started with Frân Wen.”

Through the support of the Lottery and the Arts Council of Wales, Frân Wen and Gisda have established a long-term strategic partnership and are implementing a programme of creative projects under the name Nabod. The opportunity to extend the activity internationally through the support of Welsh Government’s Taith learning exchange programme, is an invaluable opportunity to share the stories of young people in North West Wales with the world.